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.: Now I can work from home (",) :. September 15, 2008

Filed under: Abnormal Me,Work — msmaylyn @ 2:34 pm

After a month (ok I’m exaggerating err 2 weeks plus actually) finally now I can connect to my office network from home. I am eligible to work from home every once a month. Huh…I’m in heaven. But the sad news is we need to work on public holidays. For at least 2 days. Since I have started working there in May so there are not much public holidays that I can choose. I’ve decided to work on Sultan Selangor’s Birthday and Deepavali.

At first, I chose Sultan Selangor’s Birthday as abg work in KL. So just nice we can go to work as usual. But alahai, he changed his job for the seventh time in 6years. Confused ok!!! People keep complaining for jobless. But alhamdullilah our rezeki kot (our? I’m the wifey, please bear in mind J ) Working hours for public holidays is from 8am-8pm. Huh… I always stuck this kind of nature of work.

Tonight eventho I have connected to network, I haven’t done any office work pun. Tonight is acceptable since the first day. My team lead is online 24×7 ok. Huhh wat ape dia nih???

ps: hrmmm this Wednesday is public holiday. So abg, where to go? Mama wants us to pick her at Saloma Bistro.


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