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.: Ramblings on whatsoever :. September 15, 2008

Filed under: Abnormal Me,AnA — msmaylyn @ 10:05 am

Morning peeps,

Today I reached office at 745am. My working hour’s starts at 9am but this week abg will be sending and fetching me. Since today is his first day at new place. He needed the car more than me. Good for me. No need to drive, so tiring and sleepy. Once my ex-colleague said when husband and wife go to the office in the same car everyday, it can be strengthens the relationship. Furthermore we can spend time talking which is sometimes after work can be so tiring. We can be so stressful after work. Then we will be end up minimize the communication between husband and wife. No merrier in the relationship. I would definitely don’t want to end up that.

The time flies so fast. Today is 15 ramadhan already. And yet I still not perform my terawih every night. I am really ashamed with myself. I do hope for the next these two weeks I am able to perform the terawih. Insya Allah.

I can’t wait to start over my treatment. After raya I guessed. Hehehe…I am more excited for this treatment then raya. I hope every thing run smoothly and accordingly. (*-*)

ps: I just spend RM400 to change some part ( afew actually ) for the sang merah. So, nieces and nephews’ no raya angpau from Maylyn. (“,)


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