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.: Buke with the girls :. September 21, 2008

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Tadik went berbuke with the girlfriends plus the hubbies. (Ok, noni not yet (*-*) ke dh nk dekat?) The venue was at Tmor Place , Taman Dagang. Same row with Wong Solo. The buffet priced RM20 per pax, better than Kunang2 last year! The food was ok. Replenish jugak la. Variety gak. But tmpt solat dia only for ladies. Kena gilir2.

Everyone except Ila cudnt make it. She said she totally forgot about the breakfast get together. hrmmm ila, please explain. Noni brought Hafiz. The status? I even dared to ask. Everyone wanted to go back early, by 830pm every salam2 amek gambar and blk. None of us didnt bring the camera. They assumed Abg brought his. Terlupa because pagi tuh went to klcc for a quick shopping.

So, we end up taking pictures with phone camera. We managed took only 2. Girls, looking forward to meet again. Nantila after raya ok.

ps: I dunno whether this year ada open house or not. (*-*) Nanti I update.
ps2: Saya sgt gumbira ketemuk mereka!!!

3 Responses to “.: Buke with the girls :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    aku sedang mencari org yg nak buat open house. ko buatlaa yek! heeee.aku mau mkn cheese kek mu!

  2. Rohani Mamat Says:

    aku slalu mkn kt situ… kalo tgk wayang kt mbo, sambil mnunggu slalunye aku minom kt situ… fevret de’kunyah.. dia pnye set kekunyah alaala tempura.. tp mknan lain xle blah.. harge je mahal..

  3. ijad Says:

    salam.. selamat aidilfitri 2008

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