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.: Before Raya :. October 6, 2008

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This is what IBM gave to all the staff. Inside ada 4 pieces of dodol.

On weekend yang before raya tuh, seriously i xingat what we did. Serious!! langsung xingat. On monday, abg went to other interview (yup, he did!) i was cleaning the house la. But actually half of day i was stuck with dismantle my pc table to be given to kak ura. My pc were at Kepong since we’re married. And abg brought his pc, now our flat getting crowded so we decided to give (err loan i must say (*-*)) to kak ura. Our room at kepong pn dh nk pecah since sumer our wedding gifts kt sana including my pc, abg’s old pc (which is i don’t know why he still keeping it), two printers (yang nih pn dh rosak). Kak ura did some cleaning and moving her furniture inside her room to accommodate the pc from us. hehehhe Alhamdullilah tidak kesemakan mata i. Kak ura said she only take care the pc not own it. If ada rezeki nnt la ye kak ura, i give u 1.

i have spent 2 hours to arrange mini teddy’s. Ingat x? when i was sometime in form 5 hurmm or masa kt college, mcd ada jual bear kecik2 yang 1 pair2 tuh? igt x? My uncle ( i called him ayah) made me a wooden frame to put all the bears. Last year i wanted to paint the frame on red. We already bought the paint but nampaknye kemalasan menghantui diri i. So i xpaint pn the frame. i put double sided tape kt tapak kaki bear tuh, so that they stand still. I have all of it. Ofcourse la mama yg bersusah payah beratur membeli nye. (*-*)

Later, malam tuh, went back to kepong. Sahaje la. Sampai2 jek ayah marah sbb xbuke sama, because i did mentioned to kak ura. Segan asek mkn sana. hahhaha yela i xmasak if i kt kepong. (“,) Hah! I managed to anyam ketupat. hahaha Peningkatan after yearly attempt xpenah dpt abes kan. I did 6 ketupats. Okla tuh. Abg fezul(kak ura’s hubby) belajar gak, tp he failed miserably. Abg? xyah la. Dia main ps2 kt bilik.

Raya eve, hrmmm we woke up at 9am, got ready to annette’s house. But on the way to shah alam, singgah 1utama to take my jeans alter kt sana. And did some bills payment. I wanted to settle all the bills gak since raya nih kang terpakai lak duit nk byr bills.

Sampai shah alam dlam 11 ke 12, my aunties dh siap2 nak masak dh. Rendang pn dh tumis, ketupat pn dh jerang. So i hanya wat keje keje ringan jek. Gik giant since ada my cousin nk beli brg. Sana jek dh dekat 3hours. Best la. Yang best tahun nih my cousin brother yg kacau and jaga rendang. hehhehe bagus. Should be everyyear la starting this year.

After buke, solat magrib sendiri2 but solat isya berjemaah and also takbir. I did tahlil for my late families. Sedih ok. How i missed along so much. Owh, i bought mama and her sister tudung. Sama jek sumer but different color.

Then gossip2, everyone pn nak blk. We singgah kepong since slalu nye malam raya, abg’s siblings will gather together. At 1 ke 2 baru balik ke rumah.

Balik jek rumah, terus smbg doing house work and prepare baju for raya. huh. How time flies…sangat sekejap ramadhan. I wish i am better person now. Insya Allah.

ps: Usually, at this time i would miss ayah. I havent meet him since my wedding day. Sometimes i wonder whether he feel the same with me…


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