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.: Raya lagi :. October 7, 2008

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(Mama and her sisters. Plus Mak chah and her daughter in law. Me,Didi, Kakza, KakMaz and nini.)

I only took pictures using my camera phone. Why? Because none of us either me or abg willing to take the camera inside the car. Pathetic right? So i ended up using that camera phone. I think its time to buy other compact camera. Sangat tergedik, we sold 2 ours compact camera. The first one because abg bought DSLR. During that time, i was so busy. I was away almost every week. I was or still am devoted to my work. (yeahhhh right , if ever my colleague reads this we would gelak smpai terkojol). Then abg bought me another camera. But after sometime, i want a new one. (*-*) so we sold to Kak Ura. Actually the other reason were Kak Ura doesnt have a camera. She wouldnt buy by herself. So we sold including the battery charger, SD card and plus we loan her abg’s pc (not we, abg. The pc is not mine). Installment basis. I am a good sister in law. The only adek ipar she have.

Now, being so pain in the ass, i wanted a new one. So har jad. What is the relation raya and camera? The answer are bad quality raya pictures.

(Didi and I. She is my partner in crime. My childhood friend. BFF la)

Our second day raya (or should it second raya day?) was very hectic. Ewahhh. We managed to visit at least 7 houses. Start with mama’s aunt, we called her Wan Jah. This is our yearly raya routine on 2nd raya. She will prepare Tempoyak (atleast 2types), rendangs, rice ectera ectera. She is old. I tell you. 86 yrs old this year. Kenyang giler. Her house at Sungai Tua. Then we headed to my uncle’s house (mama’s cousin). Yang i hangen (not me alone, all the cuzen cuzen la) mama and her sisters wanted to wait their long lost cousin (Titi nama dia). Bapaknye lama tahu tak. Since the first house we waited. Then moved to second house. After wanted a few hours, we made our way to 3rd house. Rumah Mak Chah. Cuzen mama gak. She is Faizal Tahir’s Mother in Law. (^,^). We waited for Makcik Titi for an hour. Then they came. Hahhaha so jejak kaseh, kami cuzen2 dh nk larik dh. Because all the makcik makcik berebut kenalkan anak2 masing. “Titi, nih la anak kakngah yg sulung. Nih laki nye. Nih anak nye. haah sorg jek anak” bla bla bla. Mama lak,”Titi, ni la anak cik. Asben nye tah mana. Anak belum lagik” Waduhhh sorg sorg ok. Yang Titi nih lak perkenalkan lak her children. Me and the cuzen dok gelak jek.”Titi, yang sipolan polan tuh ada lagik ke?” “oohhhh tuh ada lagik tp igt x bla bla bla dh lama mati” Ya allah bile la nk abes nih???

hahaha Abg and i promised to his eldest brother to come raya to his house. Takut xsempat la kan. Then after the jejak kaseh, we brought adam and didi to melawat our house. Tengok rangka jek la. Adam la excited. Bile la nk mature this boy. Then we headed to Makcik house at Seri Gombak. Penat ok. Makcik is mama’s sister in law. Pakcik passed away at mekah.

Around 4ish pm, then only we headed to Batang Kali. Rumah my brother in law. They served us with nasik. Aduyai…nak nagis dh nih. But being a nice people like us, kami makan jua. After asar we went to abg’s cousin house at Bukit Beruntung. Huh masa nih mmg teringat kt katil bantal jek. Makan KFC. hehehe masa nih mmg xleh blah dh. Tp mengambil hati tuan rumah i makan la sket.

At 9pm tuh we made our move to kepong. Rumah Mak Ayah. Badan dh lekit. Mata xleh nk Bukak. So titon la.

(Kak Za’s Daughter. My favorite niece. Sangat sayang kat nana nih. Dulu i jaga dia. Dh standard 4 dh)

ps: Lets recount…hurmmm only 6houses la. Cehh simple calculation pn salah.

ps2: Now Mak cik Titi berada di mana mana open house/kenduri rumah family saya. Menantu dia juga pregnant. Cube berbaik baik ngan cuzen cuzen yg lain. Tetapi kami kejam. hahhaa mana bole trus BFF kan?


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  1. miszrLina Says:

    uits..pulun raya ke…hehe…

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