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.: Adakah I and Ajai soulmate??? :. October 9, 2008

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I don’t believe in dreams. But I do have some hopes. Dreams and hopes are totally different. Don’t get me wrong. I always dreamt in my sleeps. That’s why I do not believe in dreams.

Speaking of dream, I have one last night. I would consider it as foolish. I was in this beautiful and elegant restaurant. The furniture looks like vintage. I was in cream lace dress (the same one I saw in Prada lacey collection but that one in black) and not wearing tudung either. Wait! Errr I think I wore tudung. I looked stunning. (ok perasan, but what the heck, I always stunning). There were some people I have noticed; some of them are my colleagues and school friends.

As we dined together and what I can see was everyone dress up and have a good fun. Then Ajai came to me. (Ajai the producer ala ajai janda si nurul) hahahha He asking my phone number and asked for a dance. Ya allah pekehal mimpi nih kan? I politely say no as I was in hurry kot. (terpengaruh Cinderella nih) He keeps begging me. Sudenly I was in a hotel room with two Chinese girls. My ex class mate. Someone knocked the door, and Ajai came to my room. Hahhahahah Bodo ok

The cinas went out to leave me and ajai. Ajai said I look like his wife. He wanted to take me as a second wife. Then he said, You ‘re my soulmate.

DEM!!!! Seyes dia ckp English ngan I. hahahhahah In the dream tuh, I was like terpedaya la ngan si Ajai nih. I siap ckp “You do?” hahahah Then I ternampak Nurul. And mimpi I pn abes. Sangat pathetic.

First of all, why Ajai? Tidak penah dalam idup I mengidamkan nye. In fact I xsuke ok mamat nih. Huh kasik la mimpi best best sket kan?

Ps: I have told Rad that I can imagine me singing Lucky with Jason Mraz. But not this Ajai thingy la

Ps2: Malam ni mimpi ape eh??? (^-^)


6 Responses to “.: Adakah I and Ajai soulmate??? :.”

  1. ella Says:

    aneh gile mimpi ko… kot ye pon mimpi la johny depp ke, legolas ke. haha!!

    dlm mimpi ko tu, ajai dah cerai ke blom dgn nurul?

  2. radiyah_abdkarim Says:

    eww ajai
    klaka shunggoh mimpi ithuu (bace with gaye ajai nyanyi)

  3. ella Says:

    lagu ajai sherashi bershame.

  4. ella Says:

    lagu ajai sherashi bershame.

  5. Skinny Legs Says:

    harus ke ajai?
    dreams can be too good and can be too wrong…

  6. maylyn Says:

    ella -> hahhaha tu la psl aku pn xphm asal

    radiyah -> imagine ajai? huh bukan klaka ok geli ada la

    ella -> seyes aku lama xdgr lagu lagu dia

    skinney_legs -> hahahha Ajai Ajai Ajia Ajai

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