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.: Something for Khayra Amirah :. October 27, 2008

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We (KakMaz,KakZa,DD & I) bought this for Khayra. Me and KakZa went to Toys’R’Us Subang Parade. Toys aint cheap. It can cost you hundreds or even thousands. Sometimes been in children/babies department can be stressed and frustrated since I am looking forward to get pregnant. (*-*) My anniversary is coming. Yup our marriage will be 2years old. I hope we will cherish the relationship till the end. Insya Allah.

Ps : Cant hardly wait to buy baby stuff.

Ps2 : Syu, I cant afford to buy you this la. Hehhehe I have shortlisted a few for your lil boy.


One Response to “.: Something for Khayra Amirah :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    Bong ok ko..hahaha…sape mintak toys ur us kat ko?hahahaha…

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