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.: Ramblings :. December 11, 2008

Filed under: Abnormal Me,Thots — msmaylyn @ 11:00 am

1) On Raya Haji,Mama and her sister together a few of my cousins went to Kelantan. Then they will continue their holiday to cameron. From Monday to Saturday.

2) I need to buy some clothes.

3) I saw this a month ago at Parkson OneUtama. That desperate?

4) My house already finished plastering. Added another 10% in the progress stage. Hopefully runs smoothly.

5) Mama getting her retirement on Jan 7,2009. I am worried she will get bored at home.

6) I like Tam Spider’s sunglasses from RayBan. In fact I love spider. hahahha my friend said I am so rempit. In my previous job/1st job, my colleague Kakbib n Aneem loves him (not the band actually) so much. We have listened their songs over and over again.

7) Owh…I hope Aizat with his Lagu Kita will win at Muzik2 final or Spider. Please not Faizal Tahir. But we all know who will win right?

8) I miss the girls. noni alin ila mona.

9) I still havent claim my Birthday and Anniversary gift. (To Abg: walaupun saya melayu tetapi saya tak mudak lupa tentang ini). Please give me more time to think (more money you need to spend actually hahahha)

10) I miss Genting.

11) I hate even abg working on weekends.

12) I hope the Aussie thingy come true.


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