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.: The-So-Called-Workstation :. December 12, 2008

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Timi has tagged me. How is my workstation look like? Sangat simple.

1) ThinkPad
2) Testing Machine
3) Telephone
4) Mug + Tumbler
5) Purse
6) Postcard from err i forgot her name ( xcolleague)
7) Vintage brooch
8) Fotogorgeous sticker
9) 2008 Calendar

1) Wedges
2) Red Adria
3) Testing Machine
4) Notebook Bag

My workstation so not me. Usually it messier than this. hahaha I remembered when I was at Matrix, Ina who cleaned up my table. 🙂 Now? Hah xbest ok tempat I. But better than shared cubicle.

Ps: Klu I tag Syu, nanti kata I menghina lak hahaha, Klu wani, anne I dh tahu dh setakat JKKP tuh.. So suke korang la. hehehe


One Response to “.: The-So-Called-Workstation :.”

  1. anneweeza Says:

    hahhahaha…ktorg better xyah la… 😛

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