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.: Birthday Presents:. December 23, 2008

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Yesterday, mama told me that nana’s birthday on the 18th dec. Damn I thought It was on 28th. I didn’t get her any birthday gift and I not even wish her happy birthday. She is my favorite niece. Sometimes I am bias when comes to her. Her present gift would be the bestest (best the best) among her cousins.

What to give to her? Hrmmm she is 11. Mama wanted to buy her gold earing since she’s now young teenager. J So guys, what should I get for her? Kak Liza n Abg rin brought her to Toys r us to let she chooses anything that she wants. She end up with cubic puzzle with price only RM9.90. Ok la good girl xdemand.

Later, dorg went for makan cake. Abg rin soh dia make a wish before blow the candle. Then after that, papa dia ty la “what have you wished for?” “I wish for a happy family” huwaaaa terharu ok I ngan budak nih. Nana kamu nih kanak kanak lagik, so wish la yg fancy2 yang menyakitkan hati mama & papa. You such an angel la girl.

So lagik la I susah hat ink belikan dia ape kan? Dah tengok Ipod and Swatch. Tapi last year dh belikan MP3. susah la dorang nih…nak belikan buku citer tp dah penah beli gak. Sekarang nih ada Xmas set kt MPH Harry Potter 1-7 tp tuh I yg nak. (Hinting nihh Price : RM284). I rasa nana dh baca sumer. Alahai, I have a week lagik.

Plus, mama keje smpi this Wednesday jek then retired. I baru tahu semalam. Tolak cuti sumer so rabu last day. Tadik ada farewell party. Dapat gold band and roses. So what to give to mama gak? Ape nih…sure la nk beli special sket since yang nih dia retire kan. Pk pk.

Hah, mother in law I nye bday pn end of this month. So pening2. So I ada 3 bday gift nak beli Mama, Mak & Nana.

Ps: kawan2 tolong ah suggest, gue kepeningan nihh


5 Responses to “.: Birthday Presents:.”

  1. [-suziey-] Says:

    wow..3 present in a mth..klu i ni kopak dh nih:D
    neway, depends on ur suggestion, 4 ur mom:oven,microwave+buku memasak;p hehe..think of something tht ur mom can use of it utk isi masa lapang dia..IT gadget such PDA, laptop etc.
    4 ur niece: teenagers shoes+bag/backpac or handphone (if she doesnt hv any)or PSP! (yg nih i pn nak gak:D)
    4 ur mom in law: common present..telekung or baju kurung+tudung, branded handbag/shoes.

  2. Elyn Says:

    haah besday i next mnth tolon la penin skali nk bg apa kat i hahahahahahha

  3. Elyn Says:

    haah besday i next mnth tolon la penin skali nk bg apa kat i hahahahahahha

  4. Annaster Says:

    Here my suggestion plak:
    1. Nana : I think la u shud buy her fancy teenagers bag or shoe up to date nya style. maybe the branded one and most teenagers like it. (i like what -suziey- said)
    2. Ur Mom : u, HABIB tgh sale.. Beli gelang ke? or pendant ke?
    3. MIL : set of brroch ke? the latest style..


  5. ella Says:

    nana: bg dia jam tangan cth, swatch/baby-g.

    your mom: agree with annaster, belikan dia gold jewellery.

    your mil: perfume set or body shop punye set yg utk krismas skang ni kan banyakkk.. gerenti dia suka punye.

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