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.: Birthday Toast for Timmy :. January 20, 2009

Filed under: Birthday,Celebrations,Friends — msmaylyn @ 11:28 am

Happy Birthday Dear!!!

May all your wishes come true. Semoga di murahkan rezeki. Getting another a year older will make us more wiser. (Ye ke?) Insya Allah.

May you have a blast wonderful 2009. hehehe I will. This picture was taken by Nizam at my reception.

ps : I purposely upload this pictures. Do you still have it?

Ps2 : Btw, mlm tdk we went to Boraque again. 🙂 makan laksa johor sedap gak. Bile lagik?


2 Responses to “.: Birthday Toast for Timmy :.”

  1. miszrLina Says:

    hepi bedday Timmy! huhu

  2. Annaster Says:

    malunya i..
    hik hik..
    nie masa wedding u kan?
    hmm.. jap i check jadual krail..
    ok je kita gie dinner ekk..

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